Mindus Holucanus Delibertateus Manus

Manus is my pen name under which I write Latin poetry, as Daniel Barkalow fails somewhat as a Roman name. He is influenced greatly by Catullus, whom he read much of and related to, and somewhat by Horace, whom he read, but has not yet the wisdom to appreciate properly.

Born outside of the city a ways, he grew up and learned Latin in the provinces. At the age of 14, he came to the city, where he continued his studies. When he was 17 he started to learn about poetry, and at the same time began frequenting a certain cafe, from which he acquired the cognomen "Delibertateus". When he was 19 he found he had the need to write poetry, as his life began to require some sort of outlet. Since then he has become increasingly prolific, although irregular because of business with other things.

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